Deluxe Penthouse Apartment

Generous, spacious & uncompromising.

At Lucent, each apartment is designed to encapsulate light and space.
Large open-plan living areas are combined with luxurious finishes. Floor-to-ceiling double glazed windows allow sunlight to bathe the apartments in natural warmth and light. Louvered windows have been incorporated to provide opportunities for natural ventilation.

Level Five

Apartment Vantage Bath Car Architectural Internal Architectural Balcony Plans
501 Pool 2 2 197m² 57m² Sold
502 Pool 2 2 181m² 77m² Sold
503 Dual 2 3 188m² 73m² Sold
504 Oval 2 2 143m² 22m² Sold
505 Oval 2 2 146m² 50m² Sold
506 Oval 2 2 135m² 33m² Sold
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Specifications and Colour Schemes.

A higher standard in apartment living. Luxurious interior design including chef’s kitchen with Miele ovens, induction cooktops, integrated dishwashers and timber floors are all standard. Customise the interiors of your apartment to make it truly bespoke.